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SOLVED: Opening concerns of every park owner

 Did you listen to Henry Joce, partner at Tencreek Holiday Park, Cornwall on BBC’s “Wake up to money” programme aired on 06 July 2020? In this interview, he states below as the main Covid-19 challenges of reopening his holiday park: Bar, entertainment and common areas need markers. Increased accommodation cleaning regime which requires additional staff. […]

Contactless check in is ready

With the opening of caravan parks, BH&HPA has released guidance to maintain both customer and staff safety upon arrival at the park. This requires the following (see reference link below) Sign in/ register (without physical contact) procedures. Information pack that will reiterate and reinforce the rules sent to customers prior to arrival. We have created […]

Online Booking is not a separate system

Most online booking systems run as a separate system to in-house booking systems. You load the prices separately, and pictures as well to your website.  You also have to load your bookings manually to your office system. Most  “Online Systems” are designed more as an after thought to their main core system. This lack of […]

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Booknow, BIG yet simple

BookNow, the core booking platform currently has over 740 processes it can perform.
Based on your needs, we have divided BookNow platform into smaller sections which are more adept to your business. The whole system works in a plug and play model – each system can perform individually as well as together. 

Keith Achieved an extra £150,000 with his Online Bookings, using Booknow

See how he used our software to keep his customers

Using Another Booking System?

We can migrate your bookings, payments and customers information

Paying 15-20% commission to Hoseasons or Pitchup

Make your customers book with you before they go elsewhere

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Customer service & support

House of Solutions go above and beyond when it comes to addressing any problems we may have. After 18 months of using the system I continued to be impressed with the speed in which new features and updates are implemented into the system.

Henry Joce

ANPR Solutions

Worked with many suppliers over the years, to get my ANPR working with no success.
House of solutions solved it within 3 days.

Keith Brewer
Owner Manager
Featured Technologies
Mobile App Booking Solution

Real mobile app, not just responsive

    The only “Mobile First” booking system that allows you to do

  • Whatever you want.
  • Whenever you want.
  • Where ever you are.
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While BookNow helps you manage the business, WonderTrips helps your customers.
With super fast search capability built on a Big Data technology you and your customer will never have to wait for the search results.

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Get You More Customers

Getting more customers or ability to sell more to existing customers is the only way to ensure your business growth.
If you are finding it hard to do either, its time for a change in focus and your business software.

Get in technological groove

Since the turn of the century, the changes in the HolidayMaker’s buying behaviour has asked the holiday companies to change their processes faster than before.
These change cycles are becoming shorter and shorter due to rapid change in technology and market behaviour.
If you are unable to keep up with this pace and take advantage, its time for a change.

Get growth

Unable to manage your business on your phone or tablet and at anytime you need and are stuck to the desk? Unable to respond to the HolidayMaker when they want and through the method of their choosing. Paper, email, phone or social media?
Unable to achieve that growth? It’s time for a change