Tracking Technology

Tracking Technology

Benefit for you

97% of customers who come to your website do not book and leave
3% start the booking process
0.1% may finish then booking process.

We can provide with the customer details and the holiday information when they leave bookings.
Imagine the multiple growth in your online bookings.


With our tracking technology we can provide you with the details which will help you to find out
1. Customer details
2. The holiday they were booking.

Armed with this information you can contact or target the customer for what they want. It is more likely this customer will buy from you as they have already shown their interest.



Like Google tracks, Facebook tracks, Do you?

With the tracking technology provided by House Of Solutions, I would get emails about customers who left there before completing there bookings.
I received all the information about the customer and there holiday needs via email. I was able to contact them and make the bookings.

In the last year I got extra £40,000 of booking information.

Keith Brewer
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