Real Restful API

Real Restful API

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Restful API are the the only way forward. It is the modern way of development which enables access to the data from anywhere and from any device.
This opens up new opportunities for any future device or technology to interact with BookNow

Beta testing has been carried out to use voice commands to use BookNow Booking System. Contact us for a demo.

You can already use gestures to interact with BookNow booking system. This requires compatible devices.

You can create your own front end reporting tools by taking data from the Restful APIs.

As you have full control of all APIs , you can give access to third par


  • BookNow currently has 650 Real Restful APIs which help you run various aspects of the system.
  • Online Bookings┬ámodules also use API to get prices, availability and make bookings.
  • BookNow App does not need to be updated all the time due the implementation of Real Restful API.

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Use voice commands to use your booking system. “Talk to me” technology will help you use the system without having behind a desk, clicking or even touch. Maybe ask “Alexa, who all are arriving today?”

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