Mobile First

Mobile First

Benefit for you

We believe applications should be designed for Mobiles first in mind rather than an after thought. More and more holiday makers will first check your website and prices on their mobiles while travelling or during their lunch or just sitting in front of TV.
You will have holiday maker’s undivided attention when  they are on their mobile using your website.

All our products are designed to be mobile first and help you and your customers.

Help you 

  1. So that you can spend more time with your family.
    As you can use the system on your mobile, you do not need to be at the office all the time. This can also help staff carry out their tasks independent of them being in the office.
  2. No Out of office
    This enables you to be available to your customers when they want to. When they have come back from work and want to make a booking or need some information. You can take the call and use BookNow at the same time to help your customers
  3. Not remain stuck on your desk
    We know most office workers do more than just take customer calls. They also work to check various aspects of the accommodation i.e. cleaning, inspections, issue resolutions etc. They can not actively use BookNow where ever they are.

Your customers

  1. Your customers can search and book their holidays from their mobile devices. Something they carry with them all the time. So being Mobile ready is should not be an after thought but a Mobile First strategy should be adopted.
  2. You customers can contact you in case of any issues raise requests or queries with you.

Mobile can make you mobile


All our solutions have a Mobile First strategy. We make sure the systems operate on a mobile first before opening it up to bigger devices. The proprietary technology identifies the device it is on, the orientation it is on (Horizontal or vertical) and the screen size, then display the system  in the best way possible for you.

Seeing to the growth and move in technology, with new types of screens coming all the time. We are best placed in the industry to take advantage of any innovation.

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