Minority Report

Minority Report

Benefit for you

Do not have a mobile with you? Screen too small.
You can project our applications on any wall or screen and carry out any task you want.

This technology is also streamlined to work with Google glasses.

Your customers can use this technology too.
1. Do not need big lines for check in, customer can self check in
2. View your reports on big screen, too see the full view of your business



With any size projection technology we are able to represent what ever you want to do on any screen or wall.

Now for the geeks of now and future for everyone else

Sony Xperia Touch
Projector device where you can use BookNow on any surface. You can use it on a wall or on a table and use gestures to interact with BookNow. You can use this device at your reception or call centre. More over you can use this device for customer self check in

Haier smartwatch has a built-in projector at MWC 2018
Now for a smaller watch solution, this smart watch projects the application on the wrist. As BookNow design in configurable, this solution becomes a possibility without changing the whole system.

Samsung folding smartphone revealed
For some operations a smaller screen size is comfortable to use. For some other operations you may want to see more data for which you need a bigger screen. Fold open the phone into a tablet and BookNow will resize itself to the bigger screen

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Use voice commands to use your booking system. “Talk to me” technology will help you use the system without having behind a desk, clicking or even touch. Maybe ask “Alexa, who all are arriving today?”

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You and your customers can book holidays on any device that they may have. The system resizes and alters the data based on the device to make clear and usable.

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'Minority Report'