Big Data

Big Data

Benefit for you

Fast, Fast, Super Fast.
With so many apps taking for your customer’s attention, you have only a few seconds to show them your offering.

With our mobile optimised, super fast we already know what the customer is searching for and have responses for their search.

This is super fast search, is also used by your in-house call centre. As all the information is available under two seconds, you have the opportunity to oversell.

In most booking systems you have to individually search for each unit, here you can search all what is available in one go.


When you search on Google, it shows the drop down of the possible options.
It already knows the search terms and the results, hence able to return quick results.


House Of Solutions has developed its own similar technology where it is able to respond to your search requirements within seconds.

I'm interested


With “Customer Journey Completion” technology provided by House Of Solutions, I was able to connect with customers who were not able to complete their online bookings or dropped off part way.

In the last year I got extra £40,000 of booking information.

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Keith Brewer

Our booking team are able to search for all packages available in one go. This makes up-selling very easy and in itself pays for my investment in House Of Solutions.

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Henry Joce

Like Google, our Super fast search knows what the answers to customers search before they click “Search” using our Big Data technology.

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Search and Book is the core aspect of your business. We have carried out over a decade of study in human psychology of how to make it easy for anyone to “Search And Book”

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