Authorised Access

With the introduction of GDPR, it has become more important to provide the correct access to people or as the law requires a data protection policy which every company needs to have one.
Each individual should only have appropriate access to the data that they need to perform there duty.

BookNow helps you sole this legal requirement. You can by simple clicks select which person or role has access to what data.

Data Security

Your customer’s data security is your responsibility and we can help you achieve this.  You will be surprised to know, how many travel booking systems do not even have passwords encrypted!  BookNow encrypts all customer’s data and especially passwords.

This opens up your customers and staff open to fraud and opens your customers data open to Unauthorised access.

All information in BookNow, can only be when priory authorised by administrator. Emphasis is given to all data, especially customer’s data.


Does this sound like your conversation between you and your software supplier

You: I would like to change this report?
Supplier: Yes, this can be done
You: Thanks

In six months time,
You: I would like to change this report?
Supplier: Yes, this can be done
You: Thanks

In a years time,
You: I would like to change this report?
Supplier: Yes, this can be done
You: Thanks

With our proprietary technology, we can evolve the system to your needs, simply and fast

Run your business as you want, not how your system forces you to do.


Minority Report

Do not have a mobile with you? Screen too small.
You can project our applications on any wall or screen and carry out any task you want.

This technology is also streamlined to work with Google glasses.

Your customers can use this technology too.
1. Do not need big lines for check in, customer can self check in
2. View your reports on big screen, too see the full view of your business


Mobile First

We believe applications should be designed for Mobiles first in mind rather than an after thought. More and more holiday makers will first check your website and prices on their mobiles while travelling or during their lunch or just sitting in front of TV.
You will have holiday maker’s undivided attention when  they are on their mobile using your website.

All our products are designed to be mobile first and help you and your customers.

Help you 

  1. So that you can spend more time with your family.
    As you can use the system on your mobile, you do not need to be at the office all the time. This can also help staff carry out their tasks independent of them being in the office.
  2. No Out of office
    This enables you to be available to your customers when they want to. When they have come back from work and want to make a booking or need some information. You can take the call and use BookNow at the same time to help your customers
  3. Not remain stuck on your desk
    We know most office workers do more than just take customer calls. They also work to check various aspects of the accommodation i.e. cleaning, inspections, issue resolutions etc. They can not actively use BookNow where ever they are.

Your customers

  1. Your customers can search and book their holidays from their mobile devices. Something they carry with them all the time. So being Mobile ready is should not be an after thought but a Mobile First strategy should be adopted.
  2. You customers can contact you in case of any issues raise requests or queries with you.

Mobile can make you mobile

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