Service Request

Service Request

From time to time things are not 100% as you like. Customers often raise their concerns so they can have a nice holiday.
“Service Request” gives you all the features to manage any customer queries.

You will be able to

  1. Let customer raise all their issues
  2. Assign tasks to the relevant department or person to fix the problem
  3. Reception or service person can add their note to show the progress of the case
  4. Resolution notes are added when tasks are closed.
  5. Customer can be kept abreast of the progress, hence keeping them happy there issues are being addressed

Easy and time saving process

  1. Customers can raise request using their phones or Smart TV
  2. Service men and women, do not need to visit reception for any pending issues, they can check for outstanding tasks on their phones or tablets. Hence saving hours of time and resolving the customer’s issues promptly.
  3. As resolution notes are added on closure of tasks, these act as a guideline for future similar issues. Hence resolving the issues faster in the future.
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