Events and Membership

Events and Membership

Give your customers every reason to book their dream holiday with you. Events on the park act as a catalyst for them to book with you.
With BookNow you can sell the following:

  1. Ticketed events
  2. Day passes

These ticket types can be events on the park or nearby to the holiday location, internal or external to the holiday location and limited or unlimited tickets.

Swimming pools are expensive to keep and maintain, so why not earn extra from it.

  1. Swimming lessons per session or block of sessions
  2. One off swimming sessions
  3. Swimming memberships

Combined tickets: Once you have created all the individual events, tickets and day passes, you can then sell them together as bundles. The combined ticket can be priced differently of it’s constituent events.

  1. Join six swimming lessons (at £5 per session) together to sell a semester of swimming lessons (at £27 per semester)
  2. In addition to Saturday and Sunday event (at £50 per day) you can have a weekend event (at £80 for the weekend)

If you have an event coming up, you can set it up to show when the customers search for their holiday and they can add these as extras while booking online.

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