Customer drive long and far to come and stay with you. They want a clean and nice place to start their holiday. Managing cleaning and health and safety checks are an integral part of your business.
Our “Cleaning and Job assignment” helps you take care of all the process from start to finish and more efficiently.

Before holiday day
You can be prepared for the change day by assigning cleaning tasks to people prior to the day. You can prioritise cleaning of certain units where the following holiday check-in is earlier than normal.

On the day
As the customers checkout for the holiday, the cleaning staff are notified. So that they can carry on their tasks.
This saves immense time waiting and identifying when the accommodation is empty to be cleaned. The cleaners do not need to check with reception, they can do this on their mobile devices.
Health & Safety checks can be carried out when the cleaners mark the job as completed.
Once the cleaning and checks have been carried out on the park, reception can automatically check-in the new holiday markers.

If you are still managing the process on paper, it would help to automate this in the following ways:

  1. Eliminate long waits by the cleaning staff to identify the next unit to be cleaned.
  2. Once a cleaning is completed, the cleaners do not need to contact reception for the next task, they will have all the details on their mobile devices.
  3. Information of the cleaning and completion does not need to be informed physically, BookNow manages it all.
  4. Customers can be promptly check-in by you as all the information is available at your fingertips.

Moreover the system prevents you from creating double cleaning. Have only one cleaning  job between a departure and an arrival. 

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