Web site consultancy

Web site consultancy

We find most businesses only use their websites as brochures.
Your website is your online shop. It is more than a brochure or pamphlet pushed through the door.

With our help

  1. You can find out what your customer needs,
  2. Guide them to the right aisle for the right product for them
  3. Help them buy that holiday from you.
  4. In case the product/holiday they want is not available, we can keep their details and contact them later

You are missing out on every customer who comes through your online shop door.

We can help you make your website a selling tool. It can also influence how you structure you holiday packages and more importantly price. Help you map your holiday offering to what your customer is searching for.

If the customer leaves the booking half way, our Online Sales Tracker also provides you with all the details to contact the customer back and take that booking.

'Web site consultancy' can help you!

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