Tickets, Event and Day Passes

Tickets, Event and Day Passes

Sell tickets for events on the park.

Our ticketing system helps you sell events on the park. Get the events booked up as soon as possible and your customers will have another reason to book with you.
If you have plays, children’s play events, drawing, dance, swimming  classes you can sell the tickets to maximise the up take.
Best of all, you can sell tickets when customers are making an online booking.

Sell tickets for local events

In addition to selling tickets for events on the park, you can sell tickets for local events. Give your customers more and more reasons to book with you.
If you have local festivals, regattas, rallies we have the right module for you to create and track sales.
When your customers are making bookings online, events which overlap the holiday will also show up, yet another way you can oversell to your customers

Sell day passes for attractions

If you have local attractions where your customers can spend day outs, we have the module where you can setup the day passes. Another reason for your customers to book with you.  If you also have day events at the park, you can sell those day passes too.

Single swimming for locals

Swimming pools are expensive to heat and maintain. If locals to the park want to have swims we have the module for you. Increase the revenue from your pool.

Sells tickets to Holiday Maker and Locals to the park

In addition to selling tickets to holiday makers you can sell them to locals as well. You do not need to book units/holidays in order to buy tickets, day passes or events.

Pricing options:

  1. Age based pricing: You can set prices for Adults, Children and Infants separately.
  2. With our system you can also set Family tickets (2 Adults and 2 children).
  3. Tickets can also be volume priced. For example, One ticket could be priced at £10, buy 10 tickets and the price per ticket could be £8 per ticket.

Go a step further, give your customers a better reason to book with you.

'Tickets, Event and Day Passes' can help you!

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