Service Request

Service Request
There are problems and always will be,
it is how we deal with them is important

With our “Service Request” module, you can keep track of all the issues. The issues can be reported by your customers or staff. It is better to get them logged and sorted rather than reading the reviews of TripAdvisor.
Your customers always come to you first with their problems, they want their holiday for which they have worked long and hard to go as smoothly as possible. If you can show them that you have logged their issues and actively working on it they will give you leverage and time to solve the issues.

Our service request helps

  1. Customer/staff log issues
  2. You can create as many issues you need
  3. Issues can be for holiday accommodation
  4. For parks, the issues can also common services like bathrooms, washes, local play areas
  5. Gives you facility to assign outstanding tasks to departments or people
  6. Notes can be added for all the tasks. This becomes knowledge base when the issues arises again.
  7. Keep track how fast the issues are being resolved, highlight where the repeat issues are coming from.
  8. Customer can be kept up to date with update of all the issues raised.
'Service Request' can help you!

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