Online Sales Tracker

Online Sales Tracker

Google Tracks, Facebook Tracks – Do you?

You may spend money on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Then you may get 2-3% hit rate, where customers might see your add and then click on it.

Once you customers reach your website and search for their holiday and leave half way, we can provide you with the details.

  1. What holiday package they looking at or interested in
  2. Contact details of the customer
  3. All comes to you via an email. You can then use BookNow from your mobile and take the booking straight away

Facebook uses similar technology in its Facebook Pixel technology which tracks you on other websites you visit and then when you are on Facebook it shows you adds for the same.

If you use Google tags, they can track the pages but not what the customer was selecting on the page.

With our Online Tracking, you have all the information you need to make a booking.


'Online Sales Tracker' can help you!

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Like Google tracks, Facebook tracks, Do you?

With the tracking technology provided by House Of Solutions, I would get emails about customers who left there before completing there bookings.
I received all the information about the customer and there holiday needs via email. I was able to contact them and make the bookings.

In the last year I got extra £40,000 of booking information.

Keith Brewer
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