Online Booking

Online Booking

“Online Booking” are the key part of your website. For all the time and money spent on your website, the key aim for all that work is to get the customer make a booking.
We have made this simple for the you and your customers. Our “Online Booking” is more closer to how you take bookings on the phone. Person to person (personal human touch) rather than frustrating Computer said no process which is find with most systems.

We have carried out years of human psychology study how

  1. We can make it easier for the customer to search
  2. Remove the impediments and distractions
  3. Finally, nudge the customer towards booking their holiday

With our real restful API technology, your website designer can show the exact description and images you want. You can setup this information in the core booking system BookNow.
Where units have owners, like cottage agencies or owner caravans, you can give owners access to update images and description for their properties. You can use your phone, to take the image and upload it straight to the website.

Customers can make payments for their bookings as and when they want.


'Online Booking' can help you!

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Fast, Fast, Super Fast.
With so many apps taking for your customer’s attention, you have only a few seconds to show them your offering. Our “Big Data” knows what the customers search results before they click search button

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All our solutions are designed to be used on Mobile First. Your customers can book online via their mobiles and if they call you, you can use your mobile to talk and use the BookNow at the same time to take the booking

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Restful APIs are the way forward, this helps you get all the information from any device, even from your mobile. This also allows third parties to connect and get your availability, prices and make bookings.

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Artificial Intelligence

Learning is the hardest thing, we make it easy and intuitive for

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Search and Book is the core aspect of your business. We have carried out over a decade of study in human psychology of how to make it easy for anyone to “Search And Book”

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Like Google, our Super fast search knows what the answers to customers search before they click “Search” using our Big Data technology.

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Like Google tracks, Facebook tracks, Do you?

With the tracking technology provided by House Of Solutions, I would get emails about customers who left there before completing there bookings.
I received all the information about the customer and there holiday needs via email. I was able to contact them and make the bookings.

In the last year I got extra £40,000 of booking information.

Keith Brewer

Our booking team are able to search for all packages available in one go. This makes up-selling very easy and in itself pays for my investment in House Of Solutions.

Henry Joce
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'Online Booking'