Meter Billing

Meter Billing

With our Meter Billing, you can produce industry grade bills for your customers. The clarity and simplicity on the bill is to the same standard (or higher) as used in the utility industry.
You can produce bills for:

  1. Gas
  2. Electricity
  3. Water

or any other metered utility you provide.
With our system you can produce bills where meter display units are different to chargeable units. For example, gas meters show usage in therms and the bills are produced in kilowatt hours (kwh).

With our mobile first system, you can take the meter reading straight on your phone. The system will show the previous reading making sure there are no mistakes.
Moving from your pen and paper system to our mobile metering system will help you negate manual errors.

You can create charges of all your meter reading with one button click. There after you can email invoices to all your customers with one button click. We couldn’t have made it any easy for you.




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