Swimming pools are expensive to heat and maintain

Get the most out of your swimming pool, we help you to get more from our membership system. You can sell anything single swimming lessons or for a semester. Single swim sessions for locals to annual memberships. Your staff can use the our membership system on their mobile/tablet to check people in. Take any payments due before letting people through.


Sell memberships for your swimming or gymnasium to your seasonal, long lets customers and locals to the accommodation. You can sell memberships for a week, month or annual. This helps you to cover the cost of providing the service up front.

Swimming lessons

If you run any swimming or exercise lessons in your swimming pool or gymnasium, we have the module for you to sell the swimming lesson or exercise class. Get more out of your classes that you run.

Swimming lesson for semester

You can sell a semester of swimming lessons or a block of swimming lessons as well to bind the customers into longer deals. Buying a block of sessions could be cheaper for the customer rather than buying single lessons.

Swimming sessions for locals

Why only have sessions for holiday makers, you can also offer them to locals. This will also provide you with revenue through out the year.


Check-in attendees and take payments by the pool for classes.

'Memberships' can help you!

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All our solutions are designed to be used on Mobile First. Your customers can book online via their mobiles and if they call you, you can use your mobile to talk and use the BookNow at the same time to take the booking

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Use a tablet around to park to take a booking. Log any issues, take meter readings, verify cleaning or any jobs around the park. Holiday makers also search and book using a tablet

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Our new staff find it intuitive it use and require next to no training. Vic, 65 was happy with using tablet and checking in members at the swimming pool.

Henry Joce
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