Holiday maker’s first impression of your business is when they arrive at their holiday accommodation. They travel for hours to get to their holiday and a clean accommodation is the least they expect.
Making sure the accommodation is clean is one of the most important aspects of your business and we help you achieve it and make that very important good first impression.

With our cleaning system you can handle all aspects of cleaning before the customer checks into  the accommodation

  1. Assign cleaning on departure:
    You can assign cleaning on the departure of a holiday maker
  2. Assign cleaning for arrivals:
    In addition, you can also assign a cleaning on the arrival of holiday maker. In some cases there might not be a departure booking, in those cases you can create a cleaning on a future arrival
  3. Avoid duplicate cleaning by mapping cleaning for departure and arrivals
    To optimise your cleaning expenses, you need to carry out only one cleaning after a departure and before an arrival. Our cleaning module prevents creating additional cleaning unless expressly required.
  4. Create Job for cleaning.
    Create a cleaning job on for a departure and/or arrival holiday
  5. Assign cleaners to job.
    You can create a cleaning job and assign cleaners to it. With BookNow mobile app, cleaners can check cleaning tasks have been assigned. It also shows the departure time of the previous holiday and arrival time of the following holiday. This is especially useful to priortise early arrivals.
  6. Cleaners can view customer checkout to enter property/unit
    Using their device, cleaners and see which unit is next available to clean. BookNow is a cloud application when the customer check out, the cleaner is notified for the next task. Once completed, the cleaners can mark the job as completed
  7. Managerial and/or  Health and Safety checks
    Can be carried out when the cleaners confirm job is completed. The managers do not need to wait for the cleaners to confirm with the office. Marking the cleaning job as completed informs the manager.
  8. Customer check in when cleaning is confirmed
    Once the Health and Safety assessment is signed off, the reception can check in the customer.

With all the above checks the customer can have a clean accommodation, first time, every time.

'Cleaning' can help you!

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