Breakfree Bookings and Payments

Breakfree Bookings and Payments

Breakfree’s Bookings

We can load all your Breakfree bookings. You just need to upload the file and the system loads all the bookings as you currently do manually. If there are any issues we will provide you with the details bookings and the reasons. You can setup all the units, the dates and the priority the units will be assigned for new bookings. If you have made any additional changes to the holidays, you can stop any new updates from overwriting the booking.

Includes Sales Channel for Breakfree Pricing

Breakfree pricing is different from the office and online pricing. So we have an additional sales channel where you can set Sun prices for the units.

Breakfree’s Payments

Simply upload Breakfree’s payment file to process all the payments. The process will inform you of all the payments that failed and bookings that are not balanced. You can reload the file again & again in case of any issues. The payments already loaded will not be reloaded.

Breakfree’s Commission

Simple and elegant solution for setting up commission for all units and extras on the booking. The commissions are calculated when the bookings are updated.

Customer and Breakfree’s Balance due

BookNow calculates the customer and Breakfree’s balances dues. It keeps tracks payments due from either of the party for the booking to get fully paid up. It helps you keep track who needs to pay and how much.

Customer invoicing

In nearly all systems, the commissions are setup as discounts… There comes the problems when you have to provide customer an invoice, they see a big “Breakfree Commission” line and you have to ask them to ignore it.
With BookNow we keep the information separately, customer receives the invoice with all the details they are meant to see and know. Your contract details with Breakfree are kept separate. Now you have a happy customer.

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