Additional Sales Channels (3 pack)

Additional Sales Channels (3 pack)

You have a website and you get majority of your bookings from it.
If you sell via third parties, you pay a hefty commission on these holidays.

Why not have more than one and focus towards what your customer like.

  1. Main website where you get most of your holidays
  2. For your events you can have a separate one
    See how John Fowler do it
  3. Heavily discounted holidays or app only discounts, so that you do not dilute your main brand
    See how eBookers do it : They have app only offers and discounts.
  4. If your customer have specific reasons why they book with you, you can create a small website with relevant packages
    1. Regatta holidays
    2. Local events or music festivals
    3. Golfing holidays
    4. Skiing holidays

So why pay extra commission when you can have it. Keep your customers with you.

'Additional Sales Channels (3 pack)' can help you!

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'Additional Sales Channels (3 pack)'