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BookNow is our core booking platform which allows which allows you to do

  1. Whatever you want
    What ever you want to do, you can do that on your device.
  2. Whenever you want
    BookNow is cloud based booking system. You can access it anytime you want.
  3. Where ever you are
    Where ever you are, around the park, at home, child pickup or even on holiday.

BookNow is based on AIsha (AI technology) which makes using it intuitive like an app on your phone. There is no training required. Your seasonal staff can get up to speed on day one.

BookNow is used by more women than men.

BookNow, the core booking platform currently has over 650 processes it can perform.
Based on your needs, we have divided BookNow platform into smaller sections which are more adept to your business. The whole system works in a plug and play model – each system can perform individually as well as together. Click on the appropriate section for more details.

Booknow Sections

The core of Booking Engine, helps you setup your prices and take booking. Never miss a booking, BookNow works on mobile

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Make booking process easy for your customers. Make it easy for them to make intermediate or balance payments.

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Billing system for all your residential, long term storage customers. Also give them utility standard electricity, water and gas bills

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Load your bookings and payments from 3rd party providers. Import bookings and payments from Hoseasons, Sun, Breakfree.

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Manage all your cleaning process using the cleaning and job management module.

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Sell tickets for your events at the park or other local events, local amusement parks, events or clubs, swimming pool lessons or one off sessions. Give your customers another reason to book with you.

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Manage your customers’ issues promptly and keep them updated of any progress. Helps you be agile and proactive with any issues before customers post them on review sites.

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All our solutions are designed to be used on Mobile First. Your customers can book online via their mobiles and if they call you, you can use your mobile to talk and use the BookNow at the same time to take the booking

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Restful APIs are the way forward, this helps you get all the information from any device, even from your mobile. This also allows third parties to connect and get your availability, prices and make bookings.

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Use a tablet around to park to take a booking. Log any issues, take meter readings, verify cleaning or any jobs around the park. Holiday makers also search and book using a tablet

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You and your customers can book holidays on any device that they may have. The system resizes and alters the data based on the device to make clear and usable.

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BookNow has been designed on Darwin’s theory of evolution, it can evolve and reform without being constraint of the IT principals

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Google track, Facebook tracks, DO YOU?

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Customer data security is paramount for your customer’s confidence with you. If they feel there data has been compromised they might not book with you again even if they enjoyed their holiday stay with you.

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With the introduction of GDPR every company needs to have data protection policy. Authorised Access for each individual for each data is more important than ever before.

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Fast, Fast, Super Fast.
With so many apps taking for your customer’s attention, you have only a few seconds to show them your offering. Our “Big Data” knows what the customers search results before they click search button

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