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Online Booking is not a separate system

Most online booking systems run as a separate system to in-house booking systems. You load the prices separately, and pictures as well to your website.  You also have to load your bookings manually to your office system.
Most  “Online Systems” are designed more as an after thought to their main core system.

This lack of connection between the system, costs you tens of thousands of pounds without you realising it.

There needs to be a joint up thinking for your office and website systems. Your website is *NOT* an addon it core part how your customer book.
Our Online system is linked to your core booking system, as soon as the holiday maker shows interest in a unit, we take it off for booking from the office as well. The holiday maker is given time to complete their booking. In case, the holiday maker does not complete their booking and leave, availability is then released for all to book.

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With “Customer Journey Completion” technology provided by House Of Solutions, I was able to connect with customers who were not able to complete their online bookings or dropped off part way.

In the last year I got extra £40,000 of booking information.

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'Online Booking is not a separate system'