Artificial Intelligence

Darwin Theory Of Evolution

Your business is changing all the time and so are your needs from your system.
Your customers are changing all the time, what type of holidays they book, how they communicate with you. From the days of writing letters to instant tweets to trip adviser reviews.

Our software’s are have grown beyond software principals and have adopted Darwin’s theory of evolution. So we can every change based on your needs.

Technology is also changing at break neck speed and also impacts your business all the time.

We can help you be relevant to your customers as you go through your business journey

Easy Learning

Do you hire summer trainee?
Do you find they are unable to learn and use the system. The complexities within the system and learning how your business work is too much for a summer trainee to learn.
“Easy Learning” helps and guides any staff step by step through the system to making bookings. They do not need to learn the whole of our systems or your business to carry out their tasks.

Do you have system gurus, some tasks in the system are only performed by one person?
This is due to the complexity of the system where it is nearly difficult for new people to pick it up.
Time to train with the existing process is far too long and many new people do not find it intuitive to learn.
You have a key person risk
All our softwares are built of “Easy Learning” which replicates how “Human Brain” works and learns. The system guides them through an intuitive process, explaining and showing only the possible next steps with help files at each stage

Why is it also important for your customers?
When your customers are making online bookings, booking process needs to be simple and intuitive. The system should guide them through the process. Customers do not have time to learn the intricacies of your website or booking process. At best they will use your website once in their lives and regular customers once a year.
Customer will move to other business/websites to make their booking where they are comfortable to book.


Search and Book

“Search And Book” is the core and most important part of your business. This process gets the money in to pay for everything.
If this process is broken or faulty, you are loosing money to your competitors
There are a few keys aspects of this process.

  1. Find what they want
    Customers should be able to find what they are looking for. All packages and prices should be easy to find.
  2. Easy to book what they want
    Once they have found what the customers want, then the booking process should be intuitive, step by step process 
  3. In house and customers
    This should be true for all, your in house staff who should be easily able to find what customers are asking them. Also able to suggest upgrades with seeming ease.
    Customer should be able to search and book online on any device they have and have all the information available on their finger tips and by using their finger tips.

See what google thinks of your booking process


Superfast Search

“the average attention span is down from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to eight seconds now. That is less than the nine-second attention span of your average goldfish.”
Source: BBC Busting the attention span myth

You have only eight seconds to respond to a customers search query. Our “Superfast Search” built upon our “Big Data” technology is knows the results of your or your customers search for holiday.

As we know the search results upfront, we are able to provide additional results holiday results of higher value.

We compress the search results to the phone, so even with very poor signal and weak data strength you can still receive the results Superfast.

We DO NOT have the spinner/loading  animation  on our search result.

Talk to me

Alexa, who all are arriving today?

And BookNow will be able to give you the list of holiday makers arriving today.

This was first demonstrated in 2015 to our customers. With the expansion of voice receivers like Alexa, Siri, OK Google we are sure that this technology will catch on. and we will make our softwares voice compatible.

Ask us for a demo now!

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