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Alexa, who all are arriving today?

And BookNow will be able to give you the list of holiday makers arriving today.

This was first demonstrated in 2015 to our customers. With the expansion of voice receivers like Alexa, Siri, OK Google we are sure that this technology will catch on. and we will make our softwares voice compatible.

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The proprietary  technology design used by House Of Solutions works more like a modern cars rather than software. You may have noticed Autonomous cars are able to take decisions based on the information it gets from all instruments, radars attached to it. It is able to break or lane change etc.
All this information was collected by human driving the car and take the decision.

Similarly, within BookNow an action is performed by the system based on a command presented by user. This could be due to a click on a web page, a touch on a mobile/ tablet, a gesture on a projector or voice command.



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Restful APIs are the way forward, this helps you get all the information from any device, even from your mobile. This also allows third parties to connect and get your availability, prices and make bookings.

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You and your customers can book holidays on any device that they may have. The system resizes and alters the data based on the device to make clear and usable.

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All our solutions are designed to be used on Mobile First. Your customers can book online via their mobiles and if they call you, you can use your mobile to talk and use the BookNow at the same time to take the booking

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Use a tablet around to park to take a booking. Log any issues, take meter readings, verify cleaning or any jobs around the park. Holiday makers also search and book using a tablet

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