Search and Book

Search and Book

Benefit for you

“Search And Book” is the core and most important part of your business. This process gets the money in to pay for everything.
If this process is broken or faulty, you are loosing money to your competitors
There are a few keys aspects of this process.

  1. Find what they want
    Customers should be able to find what they are looking for. All packages and prices should be easy to find.
  2. Easy to book what they want
    Once they have found what the customers want, then the booking process should beĀ intuitive, step by step processĀ 
  3. In house and customers
    This should be true for all, your in house staff who should be easily able to find what customers are asking them. Also able to suggest upgrades with seeming ease.
    Customer should be able to search and book online on any device they have and have all the information available on their finger tips and by using their finger tips.

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Please contact us for details for research on “Search And Book”.
We can also help you identify how you can improve your existing “Search And Booking” process

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Fast, Fast, Super Fast.
With so many apps taking for your customer’s attention, you have only a few seconds to show them your offering. Our “Big Data” knows what the customers search results before they click search button

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All our solutions are designed to be used on Mobile First. Your customers can book online via their mobiles and if they call you, you can use your mobile to talk and use the BookNow at the same time to take the booking

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Use a tablet around to park to take a booking. Log any issues, take meter readings, verify cleaning or any jobs around the park. Holiday makers also search and book using a tablet

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Our booking team are able to search for all packages available in one go. This makes up-selling very easy and in itself pays for my investment in House Of Solutions.

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